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Fitness and Wellness



Open fitness classes are a great way for DKU community members to work out, de-stress, and experience various health and wellness activities. All classes are available to students, faculty, and staff, and equipment is provided. All you need is a water bottle, towel, and a readiness to move.

Consultations and personal


To help DKU community members start or continue their fitness and wellness journey, DKU Athletics provides free fitness consultations and personal training options.


Consultations offered by DKU Athletics staff certified in fitness and wellness can help with various requests such as teaching how to use fitness machines or perform certain exercises and creating a training plan. Each DKU community member can use one complimentary consultation session per month.

Personal training sessions are provided in collaboration with L-Joy Fitness, whose highly qualified personal trainers have experience leading various open classes at DKU. L-Joy Fitness trainers have specializations ranging from general fitness, functional training, strength and conditioning, and martial arts.

Email us at for questions and to schedule a complimentary consultation.



DKU Athletics has a fleet of bamboo bikes, donated by Greenstar Eco bikes, that DKU community members can rent free of charge for one or several days, subject to availability. One bike rental per person, although departments can rent multiple bikes for group activities.


Two bicycle models are available – the multispeed EcoCross and single-speed EcoForce – with helmets also provided free. 

Email with your details to reserve a bike.