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Sport Clubs

SPORT CLUBS is an integral component of student life and one of the primary drivers of school spirit and university community. Sport Clubs provide an opportunity for students to participate in competitive sport activities, improve skill levels, and gain valuable leadership experience through participation in club administration.
Sports Clubs at DKU are student-led organizations, which are formed, organized, and governed by its members under the guidelines of Duke Kunshan Athletics. Sport Clubs Advisory Council (SCAC) is the governing body of the Sport Clubs that comprises of all club presidents and the Sport Clubs Executive Board (EB) members. The EB is the administrative leadership body of the SCAC and represents sport clubs in all relevant University regulatory structures. EB regularly meets with Athletics leadership to ensure effective communication and address issues pertaining to function of clubs and status of student-athletes.

Frequently Asked


Intramural sports are internal recreational leagues and tournaments held throughout the year that encourage students, faculty, and staff to compete in friendly matches. Teams can be organized among departments, friends, a mix of students and staff, etc.
Sport clubs are student-led organizations that provide structured and organized training for their members, often competing in intra-scholastic and local competitions. Depending on the university structure, sport clubs are either sponsored by the university or students. At DKU, all clubs are funded by DKU Athletics relative to their tier.
Varsity (collegiate) teams are the most competitive and organized teams. They are funded by the university and represent the university at the highest levels of competition. Given we have a young program and limited student numbers at DKU, varsity teams are in the highest tier for sport clubs. They are fully sponsored by the university and have a full-time, designated coach. As our programs grow and expand, this structure will likely change.

Contact that club’s administrator or our Sport Engagement Coordinator.

Sport clubs provide students with multiple opportunities. For first-year students, it’s a great way to meet your peers and engage with the DKU community. For students interested in sport, clubs are an ideal opportunity to join school teams, to enhance your skills, and to represent DKU in interscholastic tournaments and local competitions. Considering clubs are led and organized by students, they also give you the opportunity to participate in club leadership, taking on various responsibilities in management, finance, and marketing.

Contact our Sport Engagmeent Coordinator to schedule a meeting. You will need to complete an application package to become an officially recognized student. This package includes:

  • Application form
  • Club constitution, by-laws, and mission and purpose
  • Proposed budget
  • Plan and program for the upcoming semester including a tentative schedule of activities based on the club’s proposed tier

This is followed by a hearing with the Sport Clubs Executive Board and a vote. If your club is approved, all club members will be required to submit a Participation Waiver before the first practice/event.

All undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff can join sport clubs and participate in club practice sessions and events. However, only DKU undergraduate students may compete for varsity teams and in intra-university competitions.

No. It’s entirely free to join a club.

Sport clubs with varsity teams will hold tryouts for players. Students who are not selected for varsity teams are encouraged to continue participating in practice sessions as club members – you might make the team next year!

Clubs without varsity teams can select a “travel team” to take part in official events outside the university per competition regulations.

In general, clubs cannot expel a member unless that member has failed to uphold the agreed membership criteria. Practice sessions and events should be open to all club members.

Contact individual clubs to learn more about their specific policies.

All practice sessions organized by sport clubs are open to members of all experience levels. Clubs that have a varsity team or “travel team” will hold tryouts to select players for those teams.
Club competitions can vary according to a club’s tier and the availability of local sport associations and competitions. Some clubs might compete at the local, regional or even national level while others might hold only recreational games against local teams and schools.

For more information about joining or starting a sport club, please contact our Sport Development Coordinator