DKU Athletics is excited to announce that our new Sports Complex will be open for business from Aug. 21 following completion of Duke Kunshan University’s dynamic campus expansion.

Covering 13,000 square meters over four floors, the DKU Sports Complex includes courts, running tracks, workout areas, and many other recreation spaces, all fitted with advanced equipment and technologies.

In addition to a 180-seater basketball arena, the Sports Complex has a full-size soccer field, swimming pool and sauna, and courts for badminton, volleyball, tennis, squash and racquet ball, and table tennis. It also has indoor and outdoor running tracks; areas for cardio, weight, and strength training; a spinning and rowing room; and spacious studios for dance, yoga, and martial arts.

The Sports Complex is an essential part of our mission at DKU Athletics to provide a highly diverse physical education program, one that promotes sports and recreation, health and wellness, and more. The new facilities will provide endless opportunities for our campus community to interact, have fun, and invest in their physical and mental well-being.

Register for free membership for the fall semester.

For students, faculty, staff, and visitors with a DKU NetID, becoming a member of the DKU Sports Complex is a simple, one-step process – and it’s completely free for the fall semester.

Join using the following link: SPORTS COMPLEX MEMBERSHIP

Membership will grant individuals access to regular open fitness classes throughout the semester, such as spinning and rowing sessions, as well as allow them to book spaces and rent equipment for activities and events they organize themselves.

DKU Athletics welcomes every member of our campus community to join our free membership program this fall so that they start taking advantage of these amazing facilities as soon as possible. We also plan to introduce a selection of fee-based services at the Sports Complex including personal training and sports massage.

From Aug. 21, opening times for the DKU Sports Complex are 7am-9pm (Monday-Friday) and 10-3pm (Saturday). Only outdoor facilities will be available on Sundays throughout the fall semester.

See you there. It’s go time!