EVC emphasizes importance of athletics in campus life

Duke Kunshan University’s new executive vice chancellor, Dr. John Quelch, paid a special visit to the DKU Sports Complex recently to express his strong support for the role of sports and recreation in campus life.

He highlighted that sporting activities not only promote physical and mental health but also help instill qualities such as team spirit, grit, and determination. These qualities are as essential as knowledge and skills in producing well-rounded and successful students, he said.

“We have fantastic athletic facilities here at Duke Kunshan University and we want as many community members as possible to use them. It’s a major benefit,” said Dr. Quelch. “I’m also looking forward to seeing DKU teams and individuals competing with other universities.”

The EVC cited NBA legend Michael Jordan as a personal sporting hero, emphasizing not only his basketball skills and longevity on the court but also his influence in boosting interest in the game and serving as a great international ambassador.

“I personally enjoy playing tennis and squash, anything with a racket, but please don’t challenge me in badminton or table tennis,” he joked. We hope to see Dr. Quelch in action in our tennis intramurals starting in March.

DKU opened its new Sports Complex in August as part of the university’s major Phase 2 campus expansion. In addition to a 180-seater basketball arena, the facilities include a full-size soccer field, swimming pool and sauna, and courts for badminton, volleyball, tennis, squash and racquet ball, and table tennis. It also has indoor and outdoor running tracks; areas for cardio, weight, and strength training; a spinning and rowing room; and spacious studios for dance, yoga, and martial arts.

The Athletics Department was delighted to welcome Dr. Quelch and is looking forward to working closely with him to make even greater strides in promoting physical activity among students, faculty, and staff, and in fostering a sense of community on campus and beyond.