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DKU Football Club was founded in Spring 2021. Our main objective is to provide a platform for everyone who likes playing football or wants to organize activities and events to simulate the people’s passion for sports. Throughout the school year, our club held Football Carnival and Internal League which attracted many students, faculties, and staff to participate in. We also have a varsity football team and have training twice a week. We are eager for everyone who loves playing football or sports in general to join our big family. I hope every activity can be held well and can better serve everyone. The future of DUKE Kunshan University Football Club is bright, and we look forward to bigger and better things in the future.




Title Name Class Year Contact
President Ruicheng Xie class of 2025
Vice President Zhaoxuan Lian class of 2025
Treasurer Jianing Tian class of 2024
Propaganda Yuming Gong class of 2024
Vice president of Fan Haowen Ji class of 2023
Coach/Faculty Adviser Peng Zhao