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Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA)

DKU Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) Club is a martial arts organization that aims to rediscover the arts of medieval and Renaissance European Sword Fighting techniques. Following the ancient sword-fighting manuscripts found in archaeology, our club members practice the art and mindset of German Longsword with the coach from Suzhou. We also team up to compete in national/international HEMA competitions, such as the CHMA tournament in China. Professionally redesigned weapons (e.g., Feder) and protections are required in club training sessions to protect members’ safety. In Spring 2023, DKU HEMA club will hold weekly training by the following schedule (flexible by members’ availabilities):

Saturday: 4:00 PM BJT to 6:00 PM BJT @ Water Pavilion

DKU HEMA Club is looking for new members regardless of background in martial arts or any physical condition. As our coach, Cloud Gu, said, “Your heights, weights, sexualities, strengths, and speeds… none of these can predetermine your victory or failure in a HEMA fight. Because weapons like Longsword are designed to minimize those physical differences.” Synthetic Longsword will be temporarily provided for newcomers, but you are highly encouraged to have your own set of protection and weapon, making them your most trustworthy companions. The real you will reveal whenever you hold the sword in front of your opponent. Wear a mask to join our fight. Join our fight to unload your mask, the spiritual one.

–Weicheng “Jerry” Zheng ’24 (President @ DKU HEMA Club)

Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA)



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President Weicheng Zheng 2024