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Men’s Basketball

Duke Kunshan Basketball Club is a student-run organization that is designed to provide opportunities for every student, staff, and faculty to engage in competitive team and individual sports. Individuals of all skill levels are welcome to join the club, and no prior experience is required. We strive to provide fulfilling and enjoyable basketball experiences as well as leadership opportunities. It’s a healthy way to win on and off the court while developing team-oriented leadership skills that will help you succeed in the future.

DKU Men’s Basketball has more than 20 active players. We hold regular practices twice a week and compete in friendly matches with Kunshan vocational schools and other International universities on a regular basis. We also partner up with Women’s Basketball to organize intramural and other fun basketball events to engage the entire DKU community.

Men’s Basketball



Title Name Class Year Contact
President Zhenkun Fang class of 2024
Captain Yihang Fu class of 2024
Vice President Beilong Tang class of 2025
Coach Marko Potkonjak