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Judo+ Club

DKU Judo+ Club is a young and inclusive student organization established in 2022. It aims to promote the values of courage, respect, modesty, friendship, politeness, honor, self-control, and sincerity.

Judo+ Club started as a place where students could get extra practice and learn more advanced techniques after completing the elementary judo PE course. It also welcomes all DKU faculty, staff, and students practicing similar martial arts such as jiu-jitsu, taekwondo, and karate to share different skills and cultures.

Starting this year, we will use the belt exam technique requirements as a reference to organize the weekly training content. Occasionally, we will invite the local professional judo club for cross training.

Safety on the mat is our priority. Anyone participating in practice should have previous experience with judo or another martial art or should have taken at least a week of classes in the judo PE course.

Judo+ Club



Title Name Class Year Contact
President Tianhui Liao class of 2025
Vice President Jason Qui class of 2025
Secretary Qianhui Huang class of 2026
Coach Yang Yang