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DKU Judo Club (昆山杜克大学柔道社) is a young and inclusive student organization established in 2022. It aims to promote the values of courage, respect, modesty, friendship, politeness, honor, self-control, and sincerity.

Judo Club started as a place where students could get extra practice and hone advanced techniques built upon their foundation in Judo. We extend an open invitation to all DKU faculty, staff, and students to join us in deepening our collective appreciation of Judo skills and culture. Safety on the mat is our priority. Anyone participating in our practice sessions is encouraged to bring prior Judo experiences or taken Judo PE course.

Starting this year, we are adopting Judo Form (柔道形) and Judo Etiquette (柔道礼) as our main references to organize the weekly training content. We will also invite the local professional Judo club for routine cross-training sessions. We aim to compete in the College Judo Championship annually, as well as participate in the Belt Test at the end of the academic year. Additionally, we have numerous performance opportunities that allow us to showcase our skills to the DKU community and external audiences.




Title Name Class Year Contact
President Yufei Zhang class of 2027
Coach Yang Yang